Coming Back to God When You’ve Been Distant From Him

I don’t want to make this too long, so I thought for my first Happy in Him post I’d share a few ideas in a painlessly brief blog article. Welcome to, first of all. This is a brand new ministry that God put on my heart not too long ago. It’s going to have a Facebook group soon that you’re welcome to be a part of, and basically all it is is a little place on the web devoted to healing from depression, anxiety, stress, anger, addiction, mental illness and the like.

So, to get to the point of the first post, if you’re like me, there have been times in your life when you’ve run away from God. In my case, I associated God with pain. Time with God to me equaled guilt, fear, stress, frustration, and depression. And I’d like to say, whatever your reason for drifting from God is, you don’t have to overwhelm yourself coming back to Him. Here are some quick ideas of ways you can incorporate God into your life again, for those who are like me and feel daunted by following too extreme of a plan right out the gate:

  • Reading a good Christian book.
  • Watching a good Christian movie.
  • Going to an evening church service, if you like to sleep in on Sundays.
  • Doing a brief devotional; there are plenty of them out there geared toward those of us with busy lives.
  • Reading a Psalm.
  • Praying a brief prayer every day (morning, night, evening, whenever.)
  • Quickly saying thank you to God and praying a thank you prayer.

It doesn’t have to be painful coming back to God, and you don’t have to follow all these suggestions. The biggest tip I can give is, find out what the root cause of your drifting has been. Maybe you’re distracted with life, or maybe you are too busy. Maybe you are frustrated with your spiritual life. Maybe you feel guilty and condemned and fearful, and would rather not think about God. Maybe you’re angry at God. The first step in addressing the issue is identifying it. Then, after you identify the problem, pray for God’s help. Then take action. Get a Christian book on the subject, go to your pastor about it, get a Christian counselor, find some verses on the issue; do whatever helps you the most. And be patient while you work with God on the issue; it may be resolved in a minute, and it may be resolved over a long period of time. And above all, hold onto hope. Hope is your foundation. I hope this post has blessed you, and thanks for stopping by this site!



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