My wonderful husband and I!

So, this started as a personal blog. But after some time, I felt the Lord put it on my heart to turn it into a ministry as well. I’m going to keep the blog, though I have deleted all of the posts and am starting fresh.

So what is Happy in Him? A ministry and a blog, all in one. It’s mainly a writing ministry, but it also has a Facebook group (Click here to join the Facebook group!).┬áThe focus of the ministry is on mental health and happiness. Hence the name, Happy in Him. It’s not a teaching and preaching ministry, just a support one for Christians who are suffering inside.

Oh, I forgot. You’re probably wondering who I am. A little bit about me: I am an ex-drug addict, an ex-alcoholic, and a recovering mentally ill person. But these things don’t define me, because through Jesus Christ I am three years drug free, and a little over five months alcohol free, and getting better mentally every single day.

I have been a depression and mental illness sufferer for most of my life, and for years I’ve been in terrible emotional pain, without much relief. I have decided to gear this ministry toward freedom from depression and anxiety and generally emotional pain. I have the feeling it’s going to help me just as much as it helps anyone else.

I’m really trying to do this ministry from the heart. I did go to Bible college for a year, though I believe even if it was super interesting to study the Bible academically, the most helpful thing for my spiritual growth was simply reading my Bible myself and going to church and having Christian friends walking alongside me.

Anyway, the purpose of this ministry is to serve the brokenhearted, the anxious, the mentally ill, and anybody who is hurting, no matter why. I can say this to you right now: no one is beyond God’s ability to heal. No matter how many years it has been that you’ve been suffering, healing is possible.

And, you can be at peace and full of joy for the rest of your life, no matter what your circumstances are. You don’t have to suffer anymore.

The “secret” to happiness is not complicated: incorporate God into your daily life as much as you can; 24/7. Pray as often as you can, surround yourself with Christian music, go to church in person every Sunday and more if possible, read your Bible daily, put memory verses on your wall, make Christian friends and do Bible studies with them and talk to them, read Christian books, and remember this: if you have a simple faith in Jesus, you’re heaven-bound, and you have real hope in which to rejoice always.

I hope that this ministry blesses you, and if you’re tired of hurting, I pray right now for your healing. And really, try surrounding yourself with God 24/7. Because His presence and the peace and joy that comes from closeness to Him is the cure for your sorrow and anxiety and stress and anger and any emotional pain. Thanks for stopping by, and may the rest of your days be filled with peace and joy.




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